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David Napier
David Napier - writer, speechwriter, and consultant.
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Napier Communications Inc. (NCI) is a story-based consultancy founded and operated by David Napier. The firm is built on Napier’s experience as a national magazine writer, speechwriter for major political figures, and communications consultant. NCI works with individuals and organizations that are committed to communication strategies based on a narrative structure as a means of reaching and engaging new audiences.

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What's New

The Idea Factory is a small group of men and women who meet in Halifax as part of an invitation-only, salon-style series of conversations designed to make “better communities through better communication”. 

The Idea Factory is the extension of The Ink Tank – a lively forum that David Napier ran for two years in Toronto, featuring presentations from some of Canada’s most prolific and respected journalists, including Ian Brown, Anne Collins, John Fraser, Oakland Ross, Jan Wong, Allen Abel, Stevie Cameron, and others.  

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